Three Years in the Making

This is one of my favorite love stories. Believe it or not, I can be pretty nosey with a camera. Three years ago I took my first trip to NYC with my besties, and I met up with this incredible actor and UTK alumni Shea Madison, who graciously let us stay in her apartment during this trip. Now, she had JUST been seeing this guy named Dan and we all, like schoolgirls, giggled about how excited she was about him. On one of our adventures we decided to meet up with Dan after a broadway show, and immediately we could tell there were sparks between the two. This was maybe their....third date? After we hung out we decided to go down to Times Square and Dan was helping us take pictures of the group of girls. What did I do? I insisted they get a photo together. As awkward as they thought it was, the pictures turned out so cute. Hey, if they didn't end up together, at least we would have a fun story to tell. However, they DID stay together. Three years in fact. So, when I was visiting again this past January, they asked me to take their anniversary pictures. It was a full circle moment for all of us, especially because we took them in times square and their favorite bar. We laugh about how crazy it was for them to take pictures together on their third date, but maybe the number three was just that lucky. Take a look at the two photos below!

3 Year Anniversary- January 2020

Three years Ago!!