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You've found me! Nice to meet you, my name is Emily and I am a 26-year old photographer based in New York City. I never know how to introduce myself, as I have worn many hats throughout my professional career. But, let me try.

Before I moved to the city, I worked at Discovery inc. as a production coordinator on the HGTV social team. That sparked my love for interior photography, which launched my freelance work in NYC. When I am not searching for apartments, I work in the wedding industry as a photographer/videographer. Currently, I am diving more into the film industry as an actor/producer/stills photographer. Phew. See what I mean? It's been a wild ride!

However, one thing is constant. I love to create cinematic moments in the every day. I describe myself as a "cinematic documentarian", as I love to find those special moments and give them new life.

Whether you want your smiles, passions, designs, or movie moments captured, I am your gal. I have been doing photography and videography for over 6 years now and I am always looking for new clients and new adventures to go on. Take a look around my portfolio and let me know what you think!

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Why I do it

To me, photography is a way of connecting with the world. Using a camera to capture a moment, either photo or video, is a phenomenon that continues to excite and inspire.

Looking at a photograph invokes so many different emotions: joy, nostalgia, heartbreak, etc. This art form has been my way of connecting with people for years now, and I would love the opportunity to give YOU your movie moment.

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