General Portrait Sessions

Mini Session

Great for people that want a few updated shots for their website, their social media, or a fun afternoon with family and friends
30 min
minimum 15 HD edited photos
1 outfit
1 location


Full Session

Most popular session! This is great for a more extensive shoot with more guaranteed photos and time to change locations and aesthetics
1 hr
minimum 50 HD edited photos
1-2 outfits
2 general locations



This is best for lifestyle shoots, bloggers, influencers, and anyone that needs many different photos in different outfits
2 hrs
minimum 100 HD edited photos
3-4 outfits
3-4 general locations



-If you want a super mini session (15-20 minutes and 10 photos): That will be my cheapest option at $175. I usually offer these in time blocks on weekends only. The rest of my packages can be booked at any time.

-any extra time is $35 per 10 minutes and 5 added pictures to your package (example: 1 hr (full session) and 30 extra minutes is $505 and 65 edited pictures) This also includes added locations and outfits of your choice!

-any extra pictures (to a set time) are $10 per added picture

-drone shots: $50

-short video for social media: $300 for 1 min video set to music

-If you want studio portraits, that is another package price. We can discuss both of these added together! 

Headshot Packages


All shots taken outside, focusing more on commercial and natural headshots
1 hr
1-2 outfits
1-2 general locations
20 edited headshots w/ touch-ups



All shots will be taken in a studio, focusing on more traditional headshots
1-1.5 hours
2-3 outfits
Studio rental
20 edited headshots w/ touch-ups



This includes both natural and studio headshots for a variety of looks.
2-3 hours
4-5 outfits and layers
Outside and studio rental
40 edited headshots w/ touch-ups