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I have been given an incredible opportunity to work with Catalyst Studios as an Assistant Producer/Stills photographer for a series of 6 films in SERBIA! Their mission is to lift up women filmmakers in the industry, so I have been blessed to be able to work for some incredible female producers and directors. I will be gone from Fall 2022-Spring 2023 working on these films. I can't wait to bring back everything I have learned and dive into creating my own work. But, that doesn't mean I won't be back in NYC soon :)

Me and some incredible creatives in Belgrade, Serbia

Past Work:

Keeping it together- BTS/VIdeo

01 / 23

Wedding Videography

The Whitfield's

A beautiful day in the Tennessee hills. 2021.

Shot/Edited by Em Cullum

The Trice's

A childhood friend of mine asked me to shoot her wedding. What a pleasure it was.

Shot/Edited by Em Cullum

The VanNorman's

Was held right down the road from where I went to college. What a fun one this one was to edit, the music was everything.

Shot/Edited by Em Cullum